Friday, February 1, 2013

Doors of Deception: Third Watch with Counselor Mark Breton

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Third Watch with Counselor Mark Breton

Tonight Counselor Mark Breton joins us again, he has been helping many since his last appearance on Third Watch and I am very happy to have him back to tackle a very difficult subject; sexual addiction. It happens quite frequently among Christians and also in the secular community. As a society we have been bombarded with highly sexual television ads, movies, television shows, and music not to mention the internet which has served as the proverbial "bar scene" of pornography. Sex addicts can simply go online to get a "fix". Books are another major source of highly sexual material of many an aberrant nature and have become block busters in the literary world and just bust up normal intimate relationships. Gone are the days when house wives and mothers sold "Tupperware", "Avon" and "Mary K" to selling sex toys and lingerie at house parties all designed to "spice up" your sex life. Beware! These things can lead to destruction of your intimacy not support a closeness that has been designed by our Creator to be enjoyed by man and wife. This is a dangerous slope and can lead to all sorts of behavior that may not lead to closeness but to sexual addiction, objectification, S & M, bondage and other alternative activities that may cause depression, isolation, feelings of just not being "good enough", "thin enough" "sexy enough" etc. It's a trap that many married couples find themselves in even after years of a healthy intimate life. It can also lead to financial ruin. So, I hope you can join us tonight as we delve into this subject with Counselor Mark Breton. His email is and is available to help. 9pm Central

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tonight! The Razor Swift-01-22-13

Tonight on Doors of Deception I will be interviewing The Razor Swift, online radio host Rich Christian whose show is on the Revelations Radio Network and on Blog Talk Radio. We will be discussing Apologetics and Nibiru (or lack therof) which I really can't explain hence the reason for having this show! You can tune in tonight at 8pm Central time, chat room will be open! Catch us LIVE:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Doors of Deception: Doors of Deception: Third Watch-William Ramsey

Doors of Deception: Doors of Deception: Third Watch-William Ramsey

Doors of Deception: Third Watch-William Ramsey

Doors of Deception: Third Watch-William Ramsey

Third Watch-William Ramsey

Tonight on "Third Watch" we welcome back author William Ramsey to dig deeper into the case of the "West Memphis Three" of which William has written a compelling new book: "Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three". This is an incredible in depth investigation into the occult activity and the crime committed by "The West Memphis Three". They have recently been released from prison on an Alford Plea. After reading William's book one has to ask; "Does money and the backing from powerful media personalities warrant the release of these three murderers?" Please join us tonight at 9pm Central time on William's web site: To call in and listen by phone please dial: 832-280-0898

Monday, January 14, 2013

Doors of Deception-Rob Skiba-January 15, 2013

Rob Skiba is an internationally known author, speaker, film maker, researcher, and missionary. He has authored two books; "Babylon Rising" and "Archon Invasion" he is developing a television series called; "SEED, the Series". Rob also hosts his own radio show called "The Revolutionary" and he is always a captivating guest as well as a host. Rob researches topics from a Biblical perspective and his subject matter includes; giants, nephilim, ufo's, ancient civilizations and how they relate to our modern times. Rob has been a guest on "Doors of Deception" three times and also was a frequent guest on my other show, "Third Watch" with Johnny from "The Iron Show". I am very much looking forward to having Rob on again to discuss his most recent book; "Archon Invasion" and I'm going to ask him about his missionary trip to South Africa in 2012. I hope you can join us! The show now airs on: at 8 pm Central Time.